*** Update 7/23
Blackjack game is done.

*** Update 7/18
Functionally the blackjack game is done. Needs some cleanup and styling.

*** Update 7/16
Been working on actually making it a game now. When you start it deals 2 cards to you and 2 cards to the dealer and checks to see if either of you have blackjack.
If not – then we start the normal game cycle. Created a “hit me” button which deals a card to you and checks to see if you have ‘busted’. If not you can keep taking hits. Next will create a “Stay” button which will then deal cards to the dealer according to rules (get them to 17)…

*** Update 7/13
Now whenever you deal a card to either player it keeps track of the score and shows it; Aces I just have it so if current score is 10 or less then count it as 11; and otherwise count it as 1.

*** Update 7/12 part 2***
Now have two seperate buttons for dealing to dealer or player – and it deals appropriately to each hand accordingly…

*** Update 7/12 ***
On Blackjack game:
1. creates deck of cards
2. built a “deal card” function that randomly chooses card from deck and removes it from deck and adds it to the “player hand”…

*** Update 7/10 ***
Starting on blackjack game. Have mapped out the broad strokes and have started building.

*** Update 6/27 ***
Calculator is done.

*** Update 6/26 ***
Working on the calculator app and it is going well. Functionally it is virtually done, you can enter the first number, then an operator and then a second number and then finally the “equals” button just like a real calculator. At that point all relevant items are saved so just need to finish this out…

Hello: this is my javascript demo site where I will be building some javascript applications. The first is the ‘Cash Register’ (see that page). Scanning an item automatically adds it to the display below and the ‘remove’ buttons in the display will automatically update the list of items and the total as well.

As time permits I will be building a basic calculator on another page and then will see if I can build a basic one-player Blackjack game.